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Title : Analysis of Differences in Riil Costs of Hospital with INA-CBG'S Rate in Sectio Caesarea

Abstract :

The purpose of this study was to determine the difference between riil costs and INA CBG's costs at “XY” Jember Mother and Child Hospital. This study is a non-experimental study with a retrospective method. A retrospective study was used by following the patient's medical record data. This study compares two medical costs, namely the riil costs of “XY” Jember Mother and Child Hospital with INA CBG's rates for Sectio caesarea patients participating in JKN at “XY” Jember Mother and Child Hospital with a total of 100 respondents. The results of data processing from the help of the SPSS for windows version 25 program with independent t-test test obtained data that the P value of 0.002 (P value<0.05). It can be concluded that there was a significant difference in total direct medical costs between the Riil cost group and the INA CBG'S cost group.

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