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Title : Analysis of COVID-19 Infection in Medical Workers

Abstract :

Health workers experience a high risk of contracting COVID-19, and the number of COVID-19 cases among medical personnel is increasing and even causing death. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the factors affecting COVID-19 infection in medical workers in hospitals. We conducted a systematic review by searching the following databases Scopus, SpringerLink, PubMed, and Proquest from January-1st, 2020 to December-23, 2020. We searched the databases using search terms like 'risk factor medical workers COVID-19'. There were restrictions in terms of the country only in Asia. Risk factors that affect COVID-19 infection in medical workers in hospitals in this systematic review are inadequate use or non-usage of PPE (35,7%), work environment (21,4%), habits of medical worker (21,4%), scarcity of PPE (7,1%), aerosol-generating procedures (10,7%), and late diagnosis of COVID-19 (3,5%). The most important risk factors are the use of personal protective equipment, work zoning in hospitals, and the habit of health workers. Concerning the infection-related risk factor of medical workers, we highlight the fact that for measures of medical worker protection, PPEs are the primary key. Therefore, the strategies to deal with the current pandemic situation are the provision of PPEs, adequate training and reinforcement of PPE usage, eye protection, and the adoption of standard precautions to increase the awareness of medical workers to prevent and control COVID-19 infection. However, there are other important factors that need to be considered to reduce COVID-19 infections such as the habit of medical workers in complying to the preventive actions in their daily practice and also the work environment in the hospital.

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