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Title : Analysis of Blood Oxygen Saturation of Male Basketball Players in a Competitive Event.

Abstract :

Basketball, a sport characterized by intense bursts of physical exertion, places immense physiological demands on athletes, with oxygen saturation serving as a key indicator of performance and well-being. This study aims to comprehensively analyse changes in blood oxygen saturation levels among male basketball players in a competitive match. We conducted a prospective observational study involving a cohort of 30 state or national level male basketball players within the age group of 18-28 years. These players were subjected for competitive match of 40 minutes with the restrictions like no substitution was done, no player was allowed to play the match more than once and no supplement other than water were allowed throughout the game. Pre-match and post-match blood oxygen saturation levels of all the 30 players were measured in percentage using pulse oximeter. Our findings reveal that players exhibited a mean pre-match saturation of 97.63%, which decreased to 95.53% post-match. There is a significant decrease in blood oxygen saturation levels in male basketball players by the end of their respective competitive matches (p<0.001). This study highlights that male basketball players experience a notable decline in blood oxygen saturation by the end of competitive matches, suggesting a substantial oxygen demand that may be influenced by various individual and situational factors. These findings have implications for athlete performance and health, emphasizing the need for tailored strategies to optimize oxygen delivery and enhance player endurance and recovery.

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