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Title : Alopecia Areata and its relation to androgenic hormones

Abstract :

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune patchy hair loss often takes shape of a quarter. Many factors participate in its expression. Androgenic hormones are suspected to have role in Alopecia Areata. The aim of this research to assess serum testosterone & estrogen levels in alopecia areata patients. 40 patients alopecia areata lesions (18 females and 22 males; ages varying from 20-45 years and 40 healthy individuals as control group (23 males and 17 females; ages varied from 20–45years) were included. All patients were enrolled from Medical research center of excellence of National Research Centre, Egypt, from (January 2022 to May 2022). AA cases are diagnosed clinically and then can be confirmed by dermoscope. Blood samples were collected from both groups; both testosterone & estrogen were evaluated. Results: The current study stated a significant increase in testosterone levels in males with alopecia areata compared to control, on the other hand no significant increase in estrogen level was noted in females with alopecia areata. Conclusion: Androgenic hormones may have a role in pathogenesis of AA.

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