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Title : A Scoping Review of Hospital Strategic Planning in the COVID-19 ‎Era: Present Era and Future

Abstract :

Hospitals, as an organization, must implement a survival mechanism. Strategic plans that have been previously devised become guidelines and directions of the organization’s business processes, most of which must undergo changes and adjustments according to the conditions of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. This review systematically aimed to reevaluate the strategic planning of various hospitals and to evaluate multiple strategic planning aspects that more frequently change during the COVID-19 pandemic. This review is intended to determine whether strategic planning may still be modified and used despite various unexpected events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Literature searches were initially performed on December 13, 2020. Besides the manual search of some journals in-hospital administration, electronic databases, including Proquest, Scopus, Ebscohost, and Cochrane Library, were explored for articles published in English on the hospital strategic planning used when facing the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 1448 eligible articles were identified through initial searches, among which 1245 were excluded due to duplication, and 170 articles were excluded as the contents in the title and abstract were irrelevant to this review. The remaining 33 studies were screened again using the inclusion and exclusion criteria. An additional five articles that were not detected in the database search were found from the reference lists of selected articles using manual search. Subsequently, 21 articles were removed after a full-text review. Finally, 17 articles met the inclusion criteria for this review. The framework for determining the level of uncertainty surrounding strategic planning and for tailoring the strategy to that uncertainty. Efforts to respond to pandemics at the outset and then implement strategic steps largely depend on the resilience of hospitals. Strategic planning transformation can be the solution for hospital organizations to be resilient and move forward in an uncertain era.

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