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Title : The Observe of MS patients’ life style alluded to MS Affiliation [Tehran City, 2008]

Abstract :

Multiple sclerosis [M.S] is one of the common autoimmune diseases that effects on central nervous system. It is unpredictable and cause to changes in life style. M.S progresses to inability. There is a close relation between health and life style, so that we can prevent from rate of disease attacks. Therefore, recognition life style in MS patients is very important. The objective of this study was to determine of MS patient's life style referred to MS Association in Tehran City in 2008. This research was a descriptive and analytical study. In this study2oo men and women who were suffering from M.S disease were selected. Study instrument was questionnaire and method was interviews. Data were obtained through easy; the data were analyzed with descriptive statistical and inferential statistical methods. Findings showed there were significant relation between educational level, supportive resources, number of relapse and self-care dimension in life style. Also, relation between marriage status, family income and nutrition dimension in life style was significant. According to the results of this study, life style in some dimensions [e.g. Physical activity, exercise. Sleep and rest patterns and adaptation with stress] were undesirable. These no healthy behaviors can effect on severity and relapse of disease and ultimately these effect on quality of life in these patients. Therefore, change and modification and improvement in life style in these patients seem to be essential that we can access to it with holistic educational programs

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