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Teikyo Medical Journal

Journal ID : TMJ-05-12-2020-10464
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Title : Effect of Quantity of cigarettes smoked per day on red blood cell, lecocyte and platelet count in adult Indian male People who smoke – A case control study

Abstract :

The effects of cigarette smoking are fatal. Present study was done to compare cell counts of blood in males smoking different number of cigarettes per day and nonsmokers of Hyderabad city. 150 consenting subjects of which 30 controls (non-smokers) and 120 cases (smokers) were studied. Smokers were divided into four groups based on number of cigarettes smoked per day. Blood samples processed using Hematology analyser (ABX Micros60®, HORIBA, Kyoto, Japan). The smokers had significantly different red blood cell counts (p<0.0001), white blood cells count (p<0.0001) including neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes and eosinophils. This effect was significant irrespective of the number of cigarettes. There was no significant change in the percentage of basophils and platelet counts. Conclusion: Our findings showed that cigarette smoking has a significant effect on hematological cell  counts and these counts changed significantly with increasing number of cigarettes smoked per day

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