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Teikyo Medical Journal

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Title : Platelets Remember in apparently Healthful Sudanese blood donors in Gezira Kingdom (Sudan)

Abstract :

To detect Platelets, count in apparently healthy male donors, to establish safety for both donors and recipient and also to transfuse safe blood and blood products. To perform platelets, count for donors using automated machine (Blood cell counter). Venous blood samples were taken from 500 apparently healthy males donors and the platelets count was measured using an automated cell counter (sysmex KN21), accompanied by peripheral blood films were assessed to detect any abnormalities. The study revealed that the mean values of the platelets counts were 215.15 x 109 /L +/-68.367 with minimum count 9 x 109 /L and maximum 689 x 109 /L and 67donors presented with platelets count less than 150 which comprise 13.4 % of the cases, may be due to asymptomatic parasitism (e.g. malaria), no prominent aggregation or giant forms detected in all cases of thrombocytopenia. Thrombocytosis occurred in 7donors with platelet count more than 400 (1.4% of cases) accompanied by low MCV and low MCH (suggestive of iron deficiency) which the one of causes of thrombocytosis. The study revealed thata significant number of donors with low & high platelets count.

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