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Teikyo Medical Journal

Journal ID : TMJ-15-02-2022-11130
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Title : Variation of certain immunological parameters in recovered COVID-19 patients

Abstract :

Covid-19 was a pandemic infection all over the world. 200 subjects were included in the present study, 150 of them were recovered covid19 patients and the other 50 were a healthy control. The aim was to evaluate some immunological parameters (IL-6, IL24, CD4, and CD8) using the CUSBIO protocol for procedures. The study included 200 subjects, 150 recovered patients, and 50 healthy controls at age range (15-65 years), were conducted in Baghdad teaching hospital/ Baghdad- Iraq from July to September 2021, all patients had recovered from covid19. The following parameter was evaluated using a different protocol (IL6, IL24, CD2, CD8), IL6 and IL24 were measured, and also CD4 and CD8 were measured by the method obtained with CUSBIO. The results revealed an increased level of both IL-6 and IL-24 in recovered patients in comparison with healthy control. Although the CD8 showed increasing in recovered patients compared with healthy control, there is no sign of CD4 of both recovered patients and healthy control. We conclude that the attack by COVID-19 leads to abnormal changes in immunological parameters. The recovered COVID19 patients have had a specific variation in the level of some immunological parameter that may reflect affect some origin in the blood.

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Journal ID : TMJ-15-02-2022-11129
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Title : Prevalence of Internet Addiction and its Consequences among Zagazig University Students, Egypt.

Abstract :

Increasingly usage of computer technology and widespread Internet dominance has faced many people, particularly university students, and its extreme usage results in mental and psychological disorders. College students are believed to be at high risk with a marked increase in their internet usage worldwide. Therefore, this study aimed to identify the prevalence of internet addiction among university students and determine its impact on life quality. A cross-sectional study was conducted among a multistage sample of 300 Zagazig university students. A self-administered Arabic semi-structured questionnaire was used to collect data between September and November 2019. A total of 235 university students had internet addiction versus 65 students with average internet use. Severe internet addition was only detected among 2.3% of university students. Decreased family time was significantly higher among students with abnormal internet use than those with regular use (51.9% versus 20%, respectively). Worse social life was mainly related to internet addiction than normal users (37% versus 13.8%). Parent conflicts increased with spending a lot of time on the internet and decreased significantly when students turned towards regular use (11.1% versus 0% respectively). There were statistically significant relations between abnormal internet use and some physical and psychopathological problems. Internet addiction is a prevalent problem among university students. It harmed university students' health's social, physical, and mental aspects.

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Journal ID : TMJ-15-02-2022-11128
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Title : Molecular study of theophylline effect on the neural stem cells differentiation in vitro

Abstract :

The current study was conducted to the isolation and culture of the neural stem cells (NSCs) get from the brain of mice (Mus musculus). NSCs were isolated from the brain of mice embryo at the age of 17 days, and investigated their growth and differentiation. These cells were cultured in specific media, DMEM/Ham’s F12, in addition to the growth factors (recombinant human epidermal growth factor (rHuEGF) and fibroblast growth factor-basic (FGF-2)). NSCs were incubated at a temperature of 37°C with 5% CO2. After 24 hours the spherical-shaped NSCs were demonstrated with high nucleus to the cytoplasm ratio. Also these cells exhibit a high activity of multiplication and this may indicates the key role of the growth factors in the elucidating of cellular proliferation and multiplication. In addition, cells tend to aggregated to form a small groups of primary neurosphere, which consists of two to three and four cells, and this reveals the initial step in the formation of the neurosphere. On the other hand, the ability of theophylline on the NSCs differentiation were inspected, and the cytotoxicity of theophylline effect on the survival and activity of the NSCs were studied by MTT test. The marks of this test indicated that the theophylline has no cytotoxicity at the concentrations used in this project. Also, the results showed that theophylline had no significant effects on the differentiation of the neural stem cell. While, the consequences of the RT-PCR were consistent with the morphological change, that cells maintained their high gene expression matching no differentiation had taken place. It could be concluded that the theophylline has no cytotoxic effect on NSCs at the doses employed in this project, and also it has no impact on the differentiation of NSCs.

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Journal ID : TMJ-14-02-2022-11127
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Title : The association of hypogonadism with type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity

Abstract :

Prevalence of hypogonadism was higher among patients with comorbid conditions, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity. To assess the relationship of hypogonadism with diabetes mellitus and obesity based on positive symptoms and low testosterone level in Iraqi men and to identify the factors that associated with low serum testosterone level. A case control study included 200 patients and divided into two groups; Case group included 100 patients who were a known case of type 2 diabetes (type 2 diabetes) and control group included 100 persons who attended for reasons other than diabetes. All the study patients were investigated for total testosterone, FSH, and LH hormones. SHBG and glycated hemoglobin was done for case group only. Ten milliliters of venous blood sample were taken between 8 – 10 AM. Total testosterone level was low in 56% of case group compared to 19% in control group, and this difference was significant. Means of LH, and FSH were significantly lower in diabetic patients than that in controls. Prevalence of low free testosterone level was significantly increasing with II increasing in BMI level and in-patient who had high waist circumference. we notes that the prevalence of low free testosterone level was significantly increasing with increasing in duration of diabetes and in patient who had high HbA1c level. There were statistical significant associations between low mood, erectile dysfunction, and decreased libido with low free testosterone level. Statistically significant negative correlations were detected between calculated free testosterone and all of BMI, waist circumference, duration of diabetes, and HbA1c. Significant number of men with type 2 diabetes have low total and calculated free testosterone and inappropriate low or lower normal LH and FSH. There are inverse relationships between BMI and waist circumference with serum testosterone levels in men with type 2 diabetes.

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Journal ID : TMJ-14-02-2022-11125
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Abstract :

The present study was conducted on 88 child (50 ascertained ASD cases and 38 non-ASD healthy children). Performing serum IgA, C5a and serotonin to both ASD and control and correlating them with gastrointestinal complication, there was a significant high mean of the three parameters in gastrointestinal complication group of ASD children.

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