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Teikyo Medical Journal

Journal ID : TMJ-18-12-2021-10903
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Title : The Toxic Effects of Toluene on oxidative stress status in the Genital system of Female Mice

Abstract :

Toluene is environmental pollutant and has many toxic effect on people in this experimental we study the toxic effect, twenty hundred and foure female divided into three groups as following: 1st groups administrated orally with distal water and olive oil as control group, 2nd group orally administration with (0.2 ml/kg B.W.) of toluene for one month from LD50, 3rd group administrated (0.22ml /kg B.W.) with toluene orally from LD50 for two month, we collected blood sample directly from heart at 0, 30 and 60 days of experimental for measurement Glutathione (GSH) and Peroxynitrite radical concentration related to toluene toxicity on reproductive organ. The results indicated toxic effects of toluene in reproductive organ sections show sever pathological lesion and decrease in GSH and Peroxynitrite.

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Journal ID : TMJ-17-12-2021-10901
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Title : Effect of Pulsed Radiofrequency and Hydrosection by Normal Saline Injection Compared with Local Anesthetics on Myofascial Trapezius Muscle Syndrome

Abstract :

To evaluate the effect of ultrasound-guided PRF stimulation and hydro-section by normal saline injection compared to local anesthetic effects on myofascial trapezius muscle syndrome. A randomized clinical trial study that conducted at pain clinics in Baghdad / Iraq for a period from Jun. 2020 to Dec. 2021. It included 40 adult patients diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome of trapezius muscle for more than two months of pain and no signs of inflammation or cervical disc herniation and randomly allocated to one of two groups: Group A included 20 patients underwent ultrasound-guided PRF and hydrodissection with normal saline plus 40 mg of lidocaine and group B included 20 patients received a mixture of normal saline plus 40 mg of lidocaine by ultrasound. Follow up and evaluation were done for patients by using numerical rating scale for pain before procedure and after two, four, and eight weeks of treatment. No significant differences in age, gender, body mass index, pretreatment pain and duration of pain between study groups. Pain was significantly decreased two, four, and eight weeks after treatment in both groups compared to that before treatment. It was significantly lower in group A four and eight weeks after treatment than that in group B. No difference between PRF and injection of lidocaine in short term relieving of pain but PRF was preferred as a long term relieving of pain in addition to the safety and cost-effective property, noninvasiveness, and easy to be performed so that it can be useful in repeated outpatient clinics.

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Journal ID : TMJ-17-12-2021-10900
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Title : Histopathologic Autopsy Findings of Target Organs, Lung, Heart, Kidney and Spleen of 12 Patients died as a result of the Novel COVID-19 in Baghdad, Iraq

Abstract :

Demonstration of the disease hallmarks of COVID infection 2019 (Coronavirus disease-19) caused by respiratory SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) in tissue biopsies and some autopsy examinations confined to the pulmonary system and selective target tissues. Entire corpse dissection investigation was limited. To characterize the extent of pathological changes resulted by COVID-19 infection, examinations carried out on twelve (12) cases with SARS-CoV-2 (Nine '9' were healthy & Three '3' unhealthy) some passed out in home and others in hospitals at Baghdad. Specimens from the pulmonary, cardiac, hepatic, renal systems with splenic samples only have been inspected both grossly and microscopically. SARS-CoV-2 resulted in multiple organs illness, lungs with circulatory association was predominant. Extra-pulmonary signs include liver, kidney and spleen contribution, and microvascular injury was obvious. These results were documented both in patients with or without previous clinical history of diseases. SARS-CoV-2 resulted in multiple organs illness & critical disease in many systems regardless of previous medical background.

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Journal ID : TMJ-17-12-2021-10899
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Title : Assessment the level of Job Satisfaction among Nurses working in Psychiatric and General Wards at Teaching Hospitals in Baghdad City: Comparative Study

Abstract :

Job satisfaction either is evaluative statement for pleasure or unpleased toward individual items or events. As a significant measure of the nursing contribution to patient care quality, nurse job satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to identify the level of job satisfaction among nurses working in psychiatric and general wards at Teaching Hospitals in Baghdad city, and to compare between the level of job satisfaction among nurses working in psychiatric and general wards. A descriptive study, comparative design was carried out to Detect the level of job satisfaction among nurses working in psychiatric and general wards at Teaching Hospitals in Baghdad city. The study had started from 13the Januarys, 2021 to march,2022. A convenient (non-probability) sample was selected for this study. The sample of the study was (140) nurses, in psychiatric and general wards. The tool of the research was questionnaire that the first component contains socio-demographic characteristics of nurses and second part includes job satisfaction scale. The distribution of Study Sample according to their level of job satisfaction among nurses working in psychiatric and general wards, which of 54.3% (n=38) show high level of job satisfaction at general wards, while at psychiatric wards, they show moderate level of job satisfaction which of 52.9% (n=37). The present study concluded that the nurses working at general wards are more satisfied with their job than those working in psychiatric ward are. The recommended for this study are Regular follow up and measuring the nurses' job satisfaction by hospital managers through checklist among nurses working at general and psychiatric wards to determine the factors that prevent their satisfaction.

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Journal ID : TMJ-17-12-2021-10896
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Abstract :

Doppler evaluation of transplanted kidney intraparenchymal arteries is valuable investigation for assessment of transplanted kidneys by the estimation of resistive index from these arteries by the spectral waveform Doppler analysis and the degree of parenchymal perfusion by both the color and power Doppler mapping. The aim of this study was to correlate the resistive index (RI) value and the degree of parenchymal perfusion with serum creatinine level in renal transplant patients. Cross sectional study obtained from 43 kidney transplant patients who underwent duplex Doppler scanning of their transplanted kidneys for arterial perfusion evaluation. The patients categorized into four groups according to the level of arterial tree pruning. Also spectral waveform Doppler analysis for Resistive Index (RI) measurement and the patients were categorized as elevated Resistive Index (RI) if more than or equal to 0.7 and normal if less than 0.7 readings. We find a significant correlation (p<0.001), by multimodalities of statistical analysis, between the Resistive Index (RI) value and the serum creatinine level reaching about (95%). In addition, there was a significant correlation between the degree of arterial pruning level and the serum creatinine level. We notice that the Resistive Index (RI) value and the severity of pruning increase with the increment of serum creatinine. There is a significant linear correlation between serum creatinine level and Resistive index (RI) value in transplanted kidney and the severity of parenchymal vascular pruning sign seen on color and power Doppler is increased with the increased Resistive index (RI) value.

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