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Title : Risk factors associated with cholelithiasis in a public hospital in Peru

Abstract :

Cholelithiasis is currently the main risk factor for developing cholecystitis and the main reason for consultation related to bile duct pathology. To determine the risk factors associated with cholelithiasis in a public hospital in Peru. Descriptive, analytical, quantitative, retrospective, non-experimental study, with a sample consisting of 83 postoperative patients with cholelithiasis and its complications, obtained retrospectively from December 2019 to June 2020, using an internationally valid data sheet adapted to the reality, in which the information from the patient's medical history was collected. Average age 41 years with a standard deviation of 15.8 years. 83 patients with cholelithiasis were registered, of which 76 had symptomatic cholelithiasis 91.6%, and only 7 patients had asymptomatic cholelithiasis 8.4%. Among the non-modifiable risk factors, it was found: adults 60.2%, female sex 68.7%, and family history 45.8%. Regarding modifiable risk factors, the consumption of a hypercaloric diet prevailed 41%, overweight 36.1%, obesity 24.1% with high BMI, prolonged fasting 19.3%, and weight loss 18.1%. Regarding comorbidity, alcohol consumption is reported 14.5%, diabetes mellitus 4.8%. The clinical forms presented were chronic cholecystitis 39.76% and to a lesser extent pyocholecyst 2.41% and alithiasis cholecystitis 1.20%. Cholecystitis is associated with risk factors such as age, weight loss, and alcohol consumption.

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