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Title : Estimation and Evaluation of Antibacterial Efficacy of Phenolics Isolated from Iraqi Myrtus communis Leaves

Abstract :

Myrtus communis is considered as one of the major medicinal plants Iraqi abundant widely in plant Kingdom. The current study was established to isolate the phenols from the leaves of this plant and extraction percentages were calculated. Qualitative tests were applied for cold aqueous, cold ethanolic and phenolic extracts for Myrtus communis. The concentrations of phenols which were represented by 50,100,125 and 150 gm/ml recorded inhibition zone diameters equal to 20,20,21 and 22 mm respectively against growth Escherichia coli while the same concentrations values showed inhibition zone diameters were 20,22,23 and 25 mm respectively against Staphylococcus aureus. The concentrations prepared from the phenols showed a very good biochemical and medicinal ability to inhibit the biological and chemical system of these pathogenic bacteria, so the phenolic compounds of Myrtus communis can be applied for treatment of infections and inflammatory caused by these pathogens instead of the synthetic drugs having multi-side effects.

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